Source Gobi Black Inca Men Sandals

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Combination of the exceptional A.R.T Grip2™ rubber outsole, molded EVA midsole and A.R.T Grip1™ rubber inserts on the footbed, the Gobi sandal ensures you are stepping on comfort. Three layer padding on the straps keeps your skin dry and cool.

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The SOURCE Gobi’s combination of the exceptional SOURCE A.R.T Grip2™ rubber outsole, molded EVA midsole and A.R.T GRIP1™ rubber inserts on the footbed ensures you are stepping on comfort. Three layer padding on the straps keeps your foot dry and cool. Cupron enhanced.

SOURCE Sandal Technology


X-Strap® (US Patent n° 5,561,919) – Unique strap system with 6 anchoring points. The heel and the arch straps are independent of one another, for a perfect secured fit.


Footbed sole – A.R.T4™ GRIP- SOURCE exclusive rubberized EVA with Anti-microbial agent: The skin of the molded sheet is brushed leaving microspores open on the surface which reduce perspiration while giving a pliant cushion for the foot.


Outsole – A.R.T 2™ GRIP – SOURCE’s Genuine rubber compound for bottom soles. Non-Marking, Non-Slip high friction sticky sole even in wet conditions and very high abrasion resistance.


Odor controlled footbed – Technology utilized FDA approved and EPA-registered anti-microbial agent integrated permanently in the upper soles of our sandals, keeping your feet cool and dry, and preventing odor.


Smart Eco-Logic Bag™ – Smart and reusable packaging, ideal for transporting dirty or wet sandals. 


Light weight – Amazing lightweight sandals that provide an unmatched relaxed feeling when you wear them.

slip on option 

Triple layered sole – Three separate layers – foot contact, intermediate cushioning and ground contact – allow for fine-tuned parameters, such as grip, durability, shock absorption and weight. The result is a perfect balance, and you can feel the difference after one week of use. 

slip on option

Soft Fast-Drying Straps – Soft tubular polypropylene webbing dries twice as fast as commonly used nylon/polyester webbing.

Triple Layered Padding- High-quality materials layered in a stitch and turn method; resulting in a clean-cut look and the most comfortable pads you have ever felt. Designed to evaporate humidity and stay dry. 

                      • Inner layer – Evaporative fabric moving moisture away from the skin, keeping your feet dry and cool. 

                      • Middle layer – Soft EVA foam for a soft and comfortable feeling. 

                      • Outer layer – Heavy duty polyester fabric with high abrasion resistance


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fast dry straps and triple layered soles


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