Climbing Technology Chest Ascender

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Light alloy ascender designed to be worn on the chest.

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  • Made for 8mm – 13mm rope (roughly 3/8 to 1/2 dia.)
  • Anodized coating
  • Fast on and off with a rapid release system allowing this to be put on and removed mid rope.

This little guy is designed to grab the rope in a one way direction. The rope slides through upward and then if you pull downward it is held in place by the toothed cam on this device.

These are really designed for single rope climbing where this is worn in the chest area to assist in climbing a rope in a vertical fashion.

Lately, we have seen arborists using this in conjunction with a rope wrench to facilitate single rope climbing and used in the right knee area to assist climbing as well.

Ø 8 – 13 mm | Ø 10 – 13 mm





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106 x 76mm


EN 567:2013, EN 12841:2006-B



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