Lurbel Tami Socks

57.00 лв.


Mid-height sock with Regenactiv technology

Купи на лизинг

It is recommended for daily use after exercising for:
Recovering damaged skin of athletes after competition or intensive training.
Protecting the extremely sensitive skin of athletes with skin and/or nail problems on the foot.
• Caring and accelerating skin recovery, which has been damaged by chafing, burning or irritation, as a result of long training regimes, extreme competitions and excess sweating. Recommended: Relax-travel


Fibres of marine origin that PROTECT the skin

Components from this natural environment give rise to textile technology which marked the first major technological milestone in Lurbel: Regenactiv.

The mission of this technology is: To keep the skin properly sterile allowing an optimal skin environment. To do this, it fights factors that destabilize its natural protective barrier by excessive sweating, irritability, friction, appearance of fungi, etc.

Garments with Feel Cool requirement are designed to be used at high temperatures.

Their smart ergonomics make them more breathable in the areas of the body where perspiration is higher. At the same time, no pressure areas and flat seams offer maximum adaptability and comfort.

Anti-bacterial, odourless and maximum transpiration properties. A very specific use for sport at high temperatures.

( High Density) Denser and thicker structure. The thermal range of use is wider (colder conditions).


Допълнителна информация


S/35-38, M/39-42, L/43-46


92% Regenactiv · 8% Lycra


63 gr. (Weight based on size M)



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